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miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012


What they are and when they are eaten?


The “traditional” British breakfast is cereal with milk and sugar. Then fried bacon and eggs, or scrambled eggs on toast or boiled eggs and toast. Lastly, toast and butter with marmalade or jam. Tea or coffee is usually drunk. The “continental” breakfast is becoming more popular. This is just toast and butter with marmalade or jam. Tea or coffee is drunk.

LUNCH (14:00)

This may be a big meal with two, three or four courses: a starter, e.g, soup; then the main main course, e.g, meat or fish with vegetables, then a pudding or dessert, e.g., apple pie and custard sauce; then perhaps cheese and biscuits. Lunch may be also a snack, e.g., some soup, a salad or some sandwiches. In some parts of Britain, the midday meal is called dinner, especially if it is a big meal.

TEA (6-7 p.m.)

The “traditional” tea is usually bread with butter and jam, scones, cakes (small and large) and biscuits. Tea is drunk with milk and sometimes with sugar. Some people do not have milk. They have a slice of lemon instead. Nowadays many people do not eat much at tea time, but they still drink a cup of tea in the afternoon. “High tea” in the north of England and Scotland especially, is the big meal at about 6 p. m .there is usually a meat or fish course, then a pudding or dessert. Tea is drunk throughout the meal.


Dinner is the biggest meal in the evening and it is like a large lunch with two, three or four courses. People who eat a big meal at midday often have only a small meal in the evening. This is called “supper”, and there may be only one course, e.g., cauliflower cheese. Dinner is eaten at anytime between 6 pm and 8.3 p.m.

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